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  An earthquake rocks Dominica Nov 2004


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On the 21st of November 2004 the islands of Dominica & Guadeloupe were struck by an Earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale and an aftershock of 4.8. Since then the north of the island has been racked by numerous tremors seemingly associated with the initial event.

In the north of the island was hardest hit. The 150 year old Catholic church which dominated the skyline of the town of Portsmouth was demolished by the quake.  Several other buildings suffered structural damage throughout the north of the island.

Schools and other structures including the Portsmouth Hospital have been abandoned pending inspections to determine the structural integrity of those buildings.

This website was created in the aftermath of these events in an effort to inform the many Dominicans on Dominica and overseas  of the impact of these Earthquakes on our country.

Please view the photo album on this site in for pictures of the aftermath  21/11/04.

A daily record of all earthquakes is kept at this site. Information listed includes time and magnitude of all quakes. The most recent updates on ongoing seismicity in the
Guadeloupe-Dominica area can be best found at

Thanks to the Management of Portsmouth Beach Hotel for assistance with this Site.


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