A pile of rubble remains

The south wall of the Catholic Church has crumbled leaving a pile of rubble.

A view of the cross and church

Eerie sight as a gaping hole has replaced the towering steeple

After the second quake

The pillar is demolished by the second quake

Afer the second quake

The steeple has moved onto the sidewalk as the rumbling continues

The Photographer

Numerrous persons have visited the site , most of them with cameras to catch a glimpse and a memory of the disaster

The wall

This end .. the northern end of the church wall still stands strong

A house in chance

One of the newer dwelling homes in chance could not withstand the force

The church wall

The church wall near the presbytery in tatters

Another view of the church wall

The church wall near the presbytery in tatters

A close up view of the damage


Portsmouth Hospital

Damage done to the front of the Portsmouth Hospital

Inside the hospital

The damage can be seen as huge cracks have opened up in the building

Inside the hospital

More of the same

Inside the hospital

More cracks

Inside the hospital

It is possible to see outside where there is no window

Serious damage

The area around this window has collapsed

Inside the hospital

Same room .. more damage

Inside the hospital


Ma Cyrille Bakery forced to the ground

Ma Cyrille Bakery


Methodist convention centre

A new structure , it could not withstand the force of nature

Methodist convention centre

curiously spectacular

The Portsmouth Catholic Church

After shocks continue the damage

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